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The R&B Daily bracelet is a stunning accessory that is perfect for any casual occasion. With a combination of red biocones crystal beads, black beads and silver galvanized seed beads, this bracelet exudes elegance and style. Design: This bracelet features beautiful 4mm biocones crystal beads and 6mm black beads that add a touch of sophistication to your look. The 11/0 silver galvanize glass seed beading enhances the overall design making it look even more attractive. Type: This is an elegant Bracelet Type accessory perfect for any fashion-forward woman out there. The R&B Daily has been designed with females in mind who have an appreciation for high-quality fashion accessories. The secure silver plated toggle clasp ensures the bracelet stays in place throughout the day while also making it easy to put on or remove as desired. Pack Quantity: Each pack contains one piece of this gorgeous piece so you can enjoy wearing this stunning Bracelet Type anytime you want to show off your style! Couple Accessories: While not designed as couple accessories, these bracelets can be worn by anyone who wants to make a statement with their jewelry! In conclusion, the R&B Daily Bracelet is an attractive and stylish jewelry piece that will complement any outfit with ease. Whether you're looking for something casual or dressy, this beautiful Fashion Accessories will help complete your look while providing comfort and durability all day long!

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